COUGAR Revenger Gaming Mouse,RGB,PixArt PMW3360 Optical gaming sensor,100-12000 DPI,Game type...

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COUGAR Revenger - Optical Gaming Mouse

12,000 DPI Ultimate Optical Gaming Mouse

The Revenger Gaming Mouse is COUGAR's newest take on what the ultimate gaming mouse should be. Starting with its state-of-the-art PMW 3360 optical sensor which brings unrivalled accuracy and reliable performance. Every single detail in this gaming mouse has been specifically designed to optimize your gaming performance.

PMW 3360 Sensor: Absolute Accuracy

The COUGAR Revenger's PMW 3360 optical sensor is the ultimate enhancement of a respected sensor lineage as it shows in its performance. Consistency and accuracy are the two keywords that define the performance of the Revenger's sensor. The ability to fine-tune its DPI level up to 12,000 DPI will allow you to enjoy its unrivalled precision in a wide range of situations and screens.

All the Functions You Need

COUGAR Revenger brings you all the functionality you will ever need for gaming. Its six buttons allow you to access, using only the mouse, up to 21 different functions, including macros, shortcuts and more. With carefully located buttons, including the unique Trigger Button, using all this extended functionality will become natural, almost instinctive. COUGAR's UIX System will help you to easily and intuitively manage all this power so that you can get the most of it. Finally, Revenger's on-board storage will allow you to store up to three full configuration profiles and bring them with you anywhere you go.

Dominate All Surfaces

With Revenger, you're not restricted to a mouse pad anymore. Its advanced tracking technology will allow you to perform at high levels even on wooden or steel surfaces.

COUGAR recommends the use of COUGAR mouse pads to optimize the gaming experience.

A Functional Spectacle

Revenger's 2-Zone RGB backlight has two functions: first, it allows you to know which configuration Profile you're currently using. Second, it enhances the gaming atmosphere you enjoy while gaming. The fact that the two backlight zones (rear area logo and DPI level indicator) are independent will allow you to use them for both functions at the same time.


Convenient and intuitive, UIX allows you to easily configure backlight effects, functionality (including macros and shortcuts) and performance. Get the most out of your device with the ultimate gaming device management software!

To minimize the time you spend recording macros and maximizing the time you spend using them, COUGAR's Macro Arsenal: record your macro once and use it again on another COUGAR UIX™ compatible device, or export individual macros to share with your friends. Enjoy your gaming sessions with this powerful software.


Multi-colour Backlight System (2 Zone RGB). The palm backlight and the 3-Stage DPI LED indicator are both RGB backlight Systems that work independently and which can be used to know always which configuration Profile you're currently using.

OMRON Micro Switches. The main buttons' OMRON Switches provide total accuracy and an incredibly long life; this mouse is going to serve you well for a long time.

Gaming-grade Scroll Wheel. Accuracy and clear tactile feedback: a perfect solution for gaming.

Programmable Trigger Button. This ergonomically designed button is located on the rear of the wheel. It allows you to access an extra function almost instantaneously with a quick finger movement.

Anti-slip Flanks. No matter how intense a gaming session is, you usually don’t want to launch your mouse with a fast movement. Revenger’s Anti-Slip Flanks help you get a more stable grip.

Premium Pro-gaming Surface. Enhanced comfort and stability for gaming.

1000Hz Polling Rate/1ms Response Time. 1000Hz Polling Rate: Absolute control, amazing response time. No control lag. Only victory.

3-stage DPI LED Display. Revenger’s 3-Stage DPI LED allows you to know instantly the DPI level you are using, without needing to move the mouse around to check its sensitivity.


  • Чувствителност, dpi
    12000 dpi
  • Технология
  • Интерфейс
  • Дължина на кабела
    1.8 m
  • Брой бутони
  • Цвят
  • Гаранция
    24 месеца
  • Тегло
    0.12 kg

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